With the arrival of summer, the desire for vacations and holidays returns. The coronavirus and the fear of contagions have not blocked this desire of the Italians who are ready to enjoy a well-deserved rest. However, there are substantial differences compared to previous years, precisely because of the rules imposed by social distancing.

Many peolpe, in order to limit contacts, will prefer travelling with their own cars and booking holiday homes rather than hotel rooms. Only the 61% of Italians will go abroad with an average of 9 days of relaxation compared to 11 in previous years.

Then there are those who are already lucky enough to live in enchanting places. This is the case in many areas of the South, and among these Apulia, now the favorite destination for all Italians.

Today even a small house in the countryside, some old trulli in the Itria Valley and even an apartment in the historical center can be transformed into a dream place

With Nadira, even a small space can be transformed into a wellness center. Whether it’s a private home, an accommodation facility or a bed and breakfast, it doesn’t matter.

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Being the owner of an old house in the countryside today represents a fortune that, even with small investments, can be transformed into a business opportunity. This is the right time, also because today investing in Apulia is easier, even for those who simply want to build a swimming pool. Click here to discover more.

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