Nadira’s design solutions allow you to take advantage of any space, starting from a few square meters up to large internal ambients

Heat and water are the basic elements of a wellness centre. Without heat or water there is no SPA. This is why, in the design of a wellness centre, we start from the availability of these two elements, only afterwards we think about the technologies and accessory treatments.

Nadira designs and builds wellness centres and private SPAs in Apulia and specializes in the construction of spaces reserved for relaxation, thanks to a team of specialists who act as a real “beauty builder”.

The secret is in the uniqueness of the project

Wellness centres with high customization, depending on the customer’s tastes and the types of environmental context.

Whether it’s a Hotel, a B&B, a farmhouse, an accommodation facility or a private domestic SPA, Nadira’s design solutions are characterized by their originality and uniqueness of solution, always keeping in mind the environment that acts from natural scenography, architectural needs, as well as obviously taking into account the amount of space available.

Nadira specializes in the installation of:

  • sauna,
  • Turkish bath,
  • mini pool,
  • hydromassage,
  • salt cabin,
  • emotional shower.

The added value is customization

Nadira’s design solutions allow you to make the most of every space, starting from a few square meters up to large areas of resorts, accommodation facilities or even small B&Bs. Personalization and theming of the wellness centre: this is why Nadira is the ideal partner for all managers of accommodation facilities who want to give their customers a space to install a SPA, a wellness center, or simply a small space reserved for relaxation directly at home.

A solution for every customer: with Nadira there is no ambient that cannot be transformed into a wellness centre

Designing unique and exclusive ambients is Nadira’s strength, where you can enjoy:

  • well-being
  • comfort
  • relaxation
  • privacy

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