Swimming pools and wellness centres have the chance to give hospitality
throughout the year, diversifying the services for your customers

Whether it is a small escape from the city or a planned stay out of town, the accommodation facilities are increasingly the ideal destination for those who decide to switch off for a few days.

Not only during the summer, because Apulia is able to ensure mild temperatures for at least half of the months of the year. Nevertheless, to do business with tourism and hospitality throughout the year and not just in the summertime it is important to expand the services offered.

For this reason, many accommodation facilities and bed & breakfasts have already decided to invest in the construction of small wellness centres, private spas and swimming pools both to increase the number of annual visitors and to increase the value of the property.

It is an investment that pays for itself, especially in a land like Apulia, where the intense cold is limited to a few months.

Nadira specializes in the construction of wellness centres in Apulia and represents the ideal partner for those who intend to offer to their customers a place reserved for relaxation. Nadira can create your own private SPA, swimming pool, mini pool within your accommodation facility.

You can do business 12 months a year. We will tell you how.

There are several indoor solutions, which allow you to build your pool indoors and even indoor or outdoor saunas, Turkish baths, outdoor pools equipped with a heat pump.

Nadira’s technicians are able to satisfy every type of need and to identify the design solution that best
suits the customer’s needs, based on a careful evaluation already in the design phase.

Nadira also offers consultancy in the purchase and sale phase of a property for those who intend to invest in an unfinished construction to be used as an accommodation facility, to evaluate the possibility of building a swimming pool or mini pool. Today, in fact, during a sale, the customer needs to know immediately if it will be possible to install a swimming pool or a wellness centre.

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