Myrtha Wellness designs all wellness spaces with the intention of offering people extraordinary experiences.  It is an excellence of Italian style that means combining functionality and technology in the best possible way and harmonizing aesthetics and practicality.

Myrtha Welleness is the project of the Myrtha Wellness division of A&T Europe that deals with the construction of wellness centers and spray parks for large hotels, following the customer from design to construction, up to the maintenance of the wellness space.

The MD Group, with its internal Nadira division, is the only referent retailer in the southern Italy.

Myrtha Wellness was born from the solid reality Myrtha Pools, leader in the swimming pool sector and thanks to its history and know-how gained since 1961, it has allowed to develop continuous innovations over the years in all areas in which water is the protagonist and now also where the water remains simply an accessory: the wellness center!

Thanks to the 60 years of experience gained in the world of water, constant innovation has been implemented for Myrtha Wellness too, pushing the limits of efficiency and design.

In the hospitality sector, the main hotel chains have chosen Myrtha as a partner for the water and wellness areas thanks to the revolutionary ingenuity proposed.  Myrtha Welness is a global pool and wellness solution provider.