In recent times we have questioned everything, the really important things in life, our daily life, even the traditional urbanization model of our cities..

The way of understanding urban contexts, our homes and our spaces will change.

No more dormitory districts, but spaces in which we can live and spend our days peacefully. A small garden, a green area, a balcony from which you look at the sky will now be essential comforts for an architecture that until now has too often considered the house only as a place to go back to sleep in the evening.

Have you ever thought of creating a small wellness center in your home?

It may seem an impossible thing, a luxury for a few, but it is not so because today creating a private SPA in your home is easy thanks to Nadira. You do not need large spaces, discover our design solutions, you will be amazed at how it is possible to transform a few square meters into your personal wellness center directly in the apartment of your home.

If I tell you that the city towards which my journey is aimed is discontinuous in space and time, now sparser now denser, you must not believe that we can stop looking for it.

(Italo Calvino, “The invisible cities”)

But it doesn’t end there, because with Nadira you can create a new SPA in your accommodation facility or in your B&B to increase the range of services offered to your customers and increase your business.

The old stable of the farm, a disused cellar or an ancient trullo, with Nadira you can enhance any room and transform any space available.

Call Nadira for a free quote and our team of professionals will be able to find the right solution for you!