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Relaxation, wellness, comfort. These are the feelings that you have immersing yourself in our mini-pools.

All the magic of a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, where you are the true and only protagonist. Our hydromassage mini-pools are the ideal place to rediscover your well-being and balance, away from everything, from the frenetic pace of work, from everyday commitments. The warmth of the water produces an immediate relaxing effect and helps to recover energy and vitality; the thrust of water, which naturally supports the weight of the body, relieves the tension accumulated on muscles and joints; the movement of the water, achieved through an exclusive system of jets, offers an immediate benefit to the muscular apparatus and promotes blood circulation.


Plunge into the regenerating pleasure of water, letting your thoughts and memories wander like the waves of the sea. Just dive in the pool and start floating, suspended like in a sweet embrace at the right comfortable temperature.

Everything is in harmony, even the surrounding environment, where every detail is meticulously tuned in materials and colors. It is precisely the details that make our pools special, such as the choice of refined mosaic decorations, natural stone finishes, the dramatic infinity edge, the elegant design of the shapes. Only by rebalancing the mind can you dedicate yourself to the care of the body by activating the multi-sensory exercise necessary to perceive pleasantness, pleasantness, relaxation, inner balance, positive expression.


Like a multitude of light bubbles of water that gently tickle your skin and accompany you in a state of unparalleled pleasantness, in a profound well-being never experienced before. It is not magic, but the amazing and wonderful effect of a hot tub. Try the pleasure of being pampered and gently caressed: from the neck to the shoulders, from the back to the arms, up to the legs. Comfortably and relaxedly lying in a hot tub, as in a warm embrace, you will feel yourself sinking into absolute relaxation. At the warmth of the water which has an immediate relaxing effect, it follows the beneficial action of air-water jets expertly directed at the right points and at a calibrated pressure. Slowly you will feel that all the tensions accumulated during the day magically fade away. The movement of the water stimulates the sensitive areas of the skin, reactivating the blood circulation, moreover, the drainage of the liquids is favored and makes the silhouette more toned, also fighting cellulite.


Our mini-pools and hot tubs can be made with the overflow or skimmer system.


Elegant and refined solutions

Our infinity mini-pools grant a very high level of water crystallinity, with elegant and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The continuity between the mirror of water and the surrounding context allows one to experience exciting situations, where the concept of freedom merges with that of daily relaxation. The visual pleasure and tranquility offered by our infinity pools will be unsurpassed. The jets are placed in strategic positions to offer all the benefits of the hydromassage. The internal elements of the jets, highly resistant, are designed for public use of the mini-pool: guests enjoy relaxation, the facility’s managers can count on reliable components, built to last a long time.


Moments of pure relaxation

Our skimmer mini-pools represent a perfect combination of tradition and cutting-edge technique. Conceived thinking of absolute comfort, they offer a vast choice of options designed according to innovative and ergonomic criteria, which will allow you to live unique experiences. Beautiful to live and to see, they are striking at first glance, because by integrating perfectly with the surrounding environment they adapt to any space.

All our pools are equipped with a sophisticated system for the correct treatment of water, thanks to which your mini-pool can be used in absolute safety, with water that is always pure and pleasantly inviting. Each model is equipped with a crown ozone generator. This system represents the most reliable ozone technology, designed to maintain pure water. The system also allows reducing the amount of chemicals needed for water treatment, thus reducing maintenance costs.



Teknopiscine has been active for over fifteen years in the design, construction and maintenance of swimming pools and is able to create innovative solutions adaptable to every need and desire. Teknopiscine philosophy is based on the belief that a swimming pool is a real piece of furniture for the home and garden, but it is also the place to enjoy relaxation, well-being and free time. Creativity, customization and technology are important principles in Teknopiscine philosophy to allow the creation of a swimming pool tailored to your needs.

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