Imagine an oasis of well-being and relaxation surrounded by nature. A place where you can immerse yourself in beauty to find yourself, environments where design and functionality come together in a perfect symbiosis. These places really exist and are handy.

These are the outdoor saunas that Nadira proposes in the two models Arti and Natura, to let yourself be embraced, pampered gently, and enjoy the properties of a healing sauna on the spectacle of nature thanks to a large front window.

A perfect solution both in a private context and in an accommodation facility

Outdoor saunas can be installed in private contexts (gardens, villas and homes); they are perfect in mountain homes and – why not – even at the seaside, but they are ideal for small and large accommodation facilities that want to give an extra service to their customers and increase their business.

The sauna allows the body not only to eliminate accumulated stress, but also to eliminate fatigue. Heat, vapors and ventilation open the pores of the skin, causing effective sweating, and cleansing of impurities, relieving the muscles, eliminating fatigue and stress, relaxing the body and clearing the respiratory tract. The sauna is also particularly suitable for those suffering from pain resulting from arthrosis and promotes blood circulation, eliminating toxins; moreover, the dry heat of the sauna is suitable for those suffering from respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, sinusitis and rhinitis.

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