Design solutions for every need, to rediscover the pleasure of comfort and relaxation

Bernini’s colonnade in Rome, the bell tower of St. Mark’s Square, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Chain Bridge in Budapest and the Wenceslas Square in Prague. These are just some of the most magical places in Europe, but all over the world there are so many breathtaking places, where you can fill up with beauty.

And it is precisely the hunger for beauty that is the element that we miss most in this period in which travel is limited to work.

So there is no better time than now to rediscover the beauty of domestic environments, because in the end there is no more beautiful place than our home, to build a small space of comfort and well-being.

We are not simple builders of wellness centers, but real beauty builders.

Nadira designs and builds wellness centers in Apulia, with tailor-made projects with private Spas, Suite Spas designed to build your little own paradise.

Design solutions for every need, from hospitality structures to domestic environments: with Nadira everything is possible, even transforming an ancient cistern dug into the rock into a wonderful wellness center, or a small private Spa directly in your home.

The Private Spa Suites are little corners of paradise that guarantee an exclusive place for two people, equipped with a small wellness center, perfect for regenerating and restoring balance to the body and mind. A place where you can carve out precious time to recreate and enhance intimacy and closeness with your partner, like having a private wellness center directly in the bedroom, all made with style, refinement and elegance, with the possibility of inserting of the refined elements of valuable furniture.

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