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Sauna and steam bath (or Turkish bath) are a cure-all for diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. The reason lies in the fact that both the sauna and the Turkish bath promote sweating and allow you to expel a large amount of toxins. Besides, sauna and Turkish bath can reduce unnecessary fat, relax the muscles and purify the internal organs, favouring a smoother and softer skin.

The main difference between a sauna and a steam bath (or Turkish bath) is in the ambient created and generated. In the sauna, the air is very dry and the humidity levels never exceed 15% -20%. In the Turkish bath, on the other hand, the humidity reaches even 100%.

To create your sauna or Turkish bath, you can contact Nadira; a company specialized in the construction of wellness centres and private spas in Apulia.

Turkish bath and sauna are important for the many benefits they bring to the body and mind and are perfect for relaxing and relieving stress. So, let us find out the main features together.

The main characteristics of a sauna

The sauna is a room mainly covered with wood and inside there are some benches arranged at different heights and covered in wood. The temperature of the sauna is around 80- 90° degrees and constantly monitored by a thermostat for safety reasons. The heat generates by pouring water on hot lava stones.

The main characteristics of a sauna

The steam bath (or Turkish bath) takes place in an ambient covered in marble or tiled surfaces, never in wood. The temperature inside is regulated between 35° and 50° degrees and the humidity reaches 90%/ 100%. Here the heat spreads throughout the room through special vents that allow the steam to spread throughout the room from the bottom up.

Turkish bath and sauna involve many benefits to both body and mind. Let us find out what they are:

They are both perfect for relaxing and relieving stress. The vapours and the heat help to free the mind with beneficial effects on anxiety, stress and sleep quality

  • They are also essential for weight loss. Sauna and Turkish bath also allow you to purify the body. Sweat promotes the elimination of toxins, free radicals (responsible for aging) and eliminates heavy metals and it has a positive effect on skin cleansing
  • Heat helps to relieve muscle micro-injuries also thanks to the dilation of blood vessels
  • Sauna and Turkish bath guarantee a significant strengthening of the immune system, thanks to the expulsion of the bacteria that cause inflammation.

The replenishment of liquids is an important moment after the sauna or Turkish bath. It therefore becomes essential to integrate with fruit juices, still water or other naturally not too cold drinks, while alcohol is absolutely forbidden.

Sauna and Turkish bath can exploit the benefits of heat. Therefore, it is important to know who these treatments are good for and who they are not recommended for.

They are recommended:

✅ In the prevention of infectious diseases for the benefits on the immune and lymphatic systems;

✅ To treat diseases of the respiratory system, for those suffering from hypotension and heart attacks;

✅ To reduce cellulite, acne, psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases;

✅ To those with chronic inflammation because it relieves pain.

It is not recommended:

❌ During heavy menstrual flow;

❌ In cases of acute inflammation;

❌ In decompensated and degenerative heart disease and pacemaker wearers;

❌ To those who have the minimum pressure around 120.

To create your personal oasis of relaxation, your sauna or Turkish bath, in your accommodation or directly at home, you can contact the professionals of Nadira beauty builders.

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