The salt cabin is a simple treatment, but incredibly rich in beneficial virtues for body and mind

Like in a wonderful beach holiday. An experience that can be lived inside special rooms where the surfaces are covered with dry salt, using a technology based on the inhalation of sodium chloride in high concentration.

The Salt Cabin or Halotherapy treatment is the reproduction of a beach holiday in a private spa. The microclimate that is generated in the salt cabins is similar to the air present near the sea. The precious minerals and salts present in the environment lead to the activation of mineral reserves, purify the lungs and bronchi. They also promote blood circulation and stimulate metabolism. A safe therapy suitable for all ages.

30-40 minutes of treatment are enough to obtain the same results as three days by the sea.

The air is clean, without any pollutants, absolutely dry, with an average humidity of 50% and the temperature inside the salt room is very pleasant, around 28 ° C. You do not need to have special clothing to access to this experience.

Nadira specializes in the construction and set-up of private spas that can also accommodate salt cabins to reproduce an extraordinary experience and live by the sea every day of the year. Iodine guarantees extraordinary therapeutic effects that only Nadira’s “beauty builders” are able to reproduce even in a domestic context, or within accommodation facilities, with beneficial effects for body and mind.

Inside the salt room there is a high concentration of:

  • calcium (ideal for strengthening bones and strengthening the immune system)
  • iodine (which helps reduce the body’s lipid layer)
  • fluoride (which supports the immune system and makes teeth healthier and more resistant)
  • copper (which promotes blood circulation and lowers sugar levels)
  • potassium (valuable ally for muscle health)
  • magnesium (relaxing for the body and for pressure)

A very simple treatment, but incredibly rich in beneficial virtues.

Nadira creates wellness centers in Apulia and throughout the country, with the aim of providing comfort and well-being to its customers.

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